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All the puppies from this litter are spoken for.


These puppies have amazing pedigrees that go pack to Tegan Park in Australia. This is the best time to get a puppy! Your puppy already has a good start on potty training but mastering potty training for puppy in the beginning of the summer is the best time for you and your puppy! Take advantage of your kids being home for summer! No more bored summer days. ALD are the best family pets.  Great for first time dog owners because they are so smart and train so easily.
Most importantly they are professional cuddlers!  
Dam is Cozzy and Stud is Moki.  Cozzy has 3 chocolates, 2 cream colored, and 2 caramel coats, with beautiful, non shedding, wavy fleece coats.  These puppies will be medium sized approx. 35lbs.  Take home, June 7th. 

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I respond to every inquiry, but sometimes my emails go to spam folders.  Please check spam, or email or call me directly- 801-898-9333

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Cozzy’s and Moki's litter made their appearance to the world  April 12, 2022. 

Puppies will be ready to go June 7th.  We will be giving our professional opinions on which puppy will be best suited for each family.  As a breeder I am with the puppies all day everyday I will be able to give a good recommendation for you and the best puppy.  But the order the deposits come will be the order of puppy choice.

Following included with the puppy;

  • First set of shots, de-worming and full detailed examination done at local licensed and board certified vet at 7 weeks old

  • Copies of health records

  • Microchipping 

  • 2-year health guarantee

  • Full socialization and early neurological stimulation in home environment including early stimulation the “Avidog way” and Good Dog way

  • Litter registered with both Australian Labradoodle Associations of America (ALAA) and World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA)

  • ALAA four generation pedigree 

  • Dog blanket and toy with mom and littermates' scents on it to help comfort them in first few days away from them

  • A bag of puppy food and a bag of puppy treats

  • Free 30 day insurance from Trupanion

  • Helpful tips and resources

  • Life time of support

Born April 12, 2022

About the Parents

A Match Made in Heaven

Meet Cozzy and Moki!  These two have been friends since they were puppies.  They are the sweetest loving pair and will make the sweetest puppies.  We expect smart, amazing temperaments in this litter. We have 3 chocolates coats, 2 caramels, and 2 creams, all with beautiful wavy fleece coats.  Puppies are expected to be aprx 30-40lbs.


Puppies Are 7 Weeks Old!

6th week, pups will have bursts of energy when they play hard, chasing, nipping and tugging with each other and the toys in their pen. They still love being with mom but are mostly weaned by now. The puppies have started crate training and should have a good start before they go home. We have started car rides and field trips. And we will continue to expose them to different places and textures.

5th week-The pups are on the cusp of becoming real dogs this week (making it much harder to get them to hold still for a picture ha!  They are no longer toddlers and can now handle more complex motor skills, such as climbing over logs and going up and down a stair or two. They are energetic and curious about their environment. They now are able to easily explore their surroundings.

The puppies are loving their outside time and the adventure walks.  We will be taking the puppies in the car a couple of times for field trips.  This will help them get used to the car and reduce car sickness for the future.  This week we also start crate training the puppies to get them ready for their crates at home. 

4th week- We are having so much fun with the puppies at this age!  They are so playful and loving.  They are moving all around their play area and are already doing so good using the potty box.  Dogs have a natural instinct to potty away from where they sleep and keep their area clean.  We are running with this instinct to potty train.  This week we will be introducing new sounds and textures.  For example, they listen to thunderstorms, firework sounds. There is also a lot of banging from the house being built across the street! This familiarizes them with those loud sounds while they are young and in the safety of their mom and litter mates. They are also practicing walking on different floors. The puppies also got their first groom/haircut!  Don’t worry we didn’t take anything off the top, we just cleaned up the potty area.  We will continue to familiarize them with grooming tools so it won’t be a shock when they go to the groomer the first time. We will be giving each puppy their own beef marrow bone to practice their chewing and strengthening their chewing muscles. Their teeth have just now come in, so they will be starting puppy food this week.  The puppies are having fun playing with each other and the toys in their whelping box.  We have added toys for them to climb.  We are also taking them outside to play in the grass with momma.  The puppies love when they see humans approach the play area and they are continuing to get a lot of love from my kids and their friends.  

The 3rd week- Your pups will finally have access to all of their senses, albeit in a somewhat limited fashion. Cozzy is still doing most of the work caring for them so the nursing and clean-up demands on her are quite high. This is the week that puppies “wake up.” Their eyes open at the beginning of the week and their ears open towards the end. It takes a few days after their eyes open for them to be able to see with any clarity, and even then they are pretty myopic. At this point however, they begin to play with each other and interact with their environment. They are now up on all fours, walking unsteadily around the whelping box. And they will find their voice this week and will begin barking, and growling, when they are awake- which can be at 3:00PM, or 3:00AM!!! 

We have put large stuffed toys into their box as well as some towels to create lumps as obstacles for them to climb over. , We will actually start potty training this week! We will be converting half of the whelping box to a potty area.  The puppies won’t get it right away but over the next weeks they will get very good at pottying in the potty box.

We now start to gradually introduce the puppies over the next six weeks to the wide array of noises that they will encounter during their lives. Those include common household sounds like vacuums, dish washers, washing machines, TVs, music, people’s voices, babies crying and dogs barking. It is also important to introduce outdoor and work sounds like back-up beepers on trucks, machinery, traffic noises, horns, whistles, fireworks, thunder, and other animal sounds.


Fun Fact: Australian Labradoodles can have 3 different types of coats; 1) hair; 2) fleece; or 3) wool.  All coats need to be brushed at least weekly and professionally groomed regularly.  Your puppy will have the fleece coat!  The hair coat is little shedding resembling a shaggy Labrador.  The fleece coat is soft and silky (either straight or wavy/curly), with little to no shedding, making it the easiest to manage. Wool coat resembles that of a poodle, tight curls with little to no shedding.  The wool coat requires more combing and grooming to prevent matting. 

Training:  Your puppy will start training here at my home, but your puppy also needs you to start training the moment you get him/her. Training is the KEY for a successful and a happy dog and family!  NOW is the time to start your reading, your training programs, and scheduling trainers or classes, so you will be prepared from day one!  Even though your ALD is going to train easily, she/he will thrive with consistent and regular training.  I recommend the following online training programs: Avidog or Baxter and Bella.  Use code UL25 for 25% off Baxter and Bella.

Week 1-2

For the first two weeks, the pups will spend their time eating and sleeping,

March 28, 2021 alternating between these activities every 15–30 minutes. Sleep at this stage is known as “active sleep“ with constant twitching and jerking. They also make sweet little sounds as they are in their puppy pile. Newborn (neonate) puppies are amazingly active little things. We describe them as heat and milkseeking missiles. Although often described as helpless, newborn puppies are  actually quite capable of handling the important tasks in their lives: finding their mother; seeking heat sources; and suckling. Newborn pups may not be able to hear or see but they can smell quite well. Although their nervous system may not be fully developed and they cannot respond to some stimuli, they are drawn to heat sources. They cannot control their body temperature but they know when they are too cold or too hot and will move toward or away from heat sources accordingly. Healthy happy pups are quiet except for suckling and mewing noises they make while nursing or they cry a little one knocked off a nipple away from mom. They can crawl in circles searching for mom or their littermates.  

We started Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) on the 3rd day they were born.  Puppies who have undergone these daily exercises, respond better to stress, have stronger immune systems and problem solve better than other puppies.  These characteristics will carry through to adulthood.  

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