How to be a Guardian

Welcome to Utah Labradoodle's Guardianship Program information page. We want all our dogs that are part of our breeding program to have happy and healthy lives and be an integral part of a family. We are not a kennel and try to limit the number of dogs that we keep in our home so that we can provide the right amount of care and attention to each dog. The guardianship program provides a way to give our breeding dogs a loving home where they will receive that attention and love they deserve.

Our intent is to place some of our breeding dogs in homes where they will initially be a "Guardian home". This means, the "Guardian dog" will be just like a family pet, but also remain a part of our breeding program. Once the "Guardian dog" is retired from our program, they will become a full time family pet and the "Guardian home" will become the forever home.

The guardian home needs to We as breeders will pay for all extra health tests including.

The benefits of being a guardian home is you get the breeders pick of the litter.  The price of adoption is $1500.  Each time we breed your dog we will pay you $500.  We will also pay for a life time membership to Avidog and or Baxter and Bella dog training. 

Guardian homes must be with in 45 minute of Kaysville Utah.

Guardian homes must have a fully fenced yard. 

Guardian homes be able and willing to feed high quality dog food and supplements. 

Guardian homes must be willing to work with breeder to get the health testing completed. 

The guardian home will keep up on all normal vet checks and vaccinations.  We as breeders will pay for all extra health tests and procedures for breeding purposes.  

Guardian homes will be required to let breeder know when the dog is in heat. 

The dog will come back to the breeders home for whelping and stay with the breeder for 6 weeks until puppies are weaned from mom. 



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