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How to be a Guardian


Utah Labradoodles believe that all puppies deserve a permanent family and home from the very beginning of their lives.  We do not believe in re-homing dogs after their breeding career has ended.  It is for this reason that we have implemented a Guardian Program. Our program is designed to benefit everyone involved: the puppy, the breeder and the forever family.

What is a Guardian Home?

Our Labradoodle Guardian Program allows a few, select families to bring a puppy into their "forever" home while participating in our breeding program.  Utah Labradoodles retains ownership and breeding rights for a time while the dog lives with her/his family. Transfer of ownership will happen once the dog has finished her/his breeding career and been spayed or neutered. 

How does it work?

Labradoodle Guardian families will get our "pick of the litter" puppy that we feel best exemplifies the Australian Labradoodle breed standards in temperament, conformation, coat quality and color.  The puppy will live with you as your pet.  You will care for the puppy and cover all costs associated with having a pet, grooming, vet bills, etc.  We take care of all breeding, whelping and raising of offspring, along with any costs incurred for health testing and breeding.


After passing pre-breeding health testing, the females begin their breeding career at about a year and a half of age. They come back to us about a week before her due date to whelp each litter of puppies. She will return to her guardian once her puppies are weaned, usually about 5-6 weeks after whelping.  Our breeding females usually have 3 litters and males are in the guardian home program until they are 6 years old.  For the males, the dog will have to be available to us for breeding at certain times.  He will either visit us for a short time of the day or we may need to keep him here for just a few days.

What are the requirements and expectations of the Guardian?

  • You must live within an hour of Kaysville, Utah.

  • It is necessary that you own your home and have a fenced backyard.

  • Have a schedule that does not leave the dog home alone for extended periods of time. Our preference is that someone is home for most of the day.  A stay at home parent, retired couple, or even someone that works from home are a great fit.

  • Follow our feeding guidelines

  • Keep the dog well groomed. Weekly brushing to keep the dog matt free.  Professional haircuts every 8 weeks. This will cost $60-$100. Adhere to our approved cut and look.  

  • Monthly pictures.  We want to see how our puppies are maturing and it's fun to watch them grow.  Phone photos are fine.

  • Guardian home families are responsible for veterinary care expenses (not related to breeding) and wellness of the puppy that is placed with them. This includes exams, vaccines, monthly heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.

  •  Our guardian homes MUST pay for pet insurance as long as she/he remains in your home.  Healthy Paws and Trupanion are excellent options.  You will do this through Utah Labradoodles.  We recommend this to all of our puppy owners, not just our guardians. Protect your baby and never worry about if you can afford a vet bill due to a horrible accident or injury. 

  • Transport the puppy/dog when needed for health testing and breeding. These tests are paid for by Utah Labradoodles however transportation is the responsibility of the Guardian Family. All dogs will have hip and elbow testing.  Females will have a series of progesterone testing done while having her heat cycle.  These tests are done at Bayview Animal Hospital, or at South Mountain Canine Reproduction, in Draper.  Eye exams will be done at VCA Cottonwood Animal Hospital. Guardians will also be responsible for transportation to breedings. (Most instances you can bring the dog to Utah Labradoodles and they will take the dogs for testing)

  • Take the puppy to obedience classes and complete levels 1,2 and 3.  These are basic classes that provide manners and basic commands necessary for a well-behaved dog. Or certify from Bella and Baxter online dog training.

  • Allow the dog to visit us from time to time, perhaps a few sleep overs.  We want her to know us and feel comfortable in our home when she comes to have her puppies.

  • At the end of the contract, have your dog spay/neutered.

  • Most importantly an abundance of love and attention!

What will being a Guardian cost us? 

You will just need to pay the price of the insurance.  We will then pay you $500 every time we breed your dog. (this is anywhere from 1-5 times) Our ask from you is that you know what is in your contract and commit to follow it diligently.  

If you can meet the above requirements, and would like to be a Guardian to Utah Labradoodles, please let us know by filling out an application.

Email us at

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